Have you ever loved someone where limits didn't exist between each other? You felt so embraced by the warmth radiated off their body when they were standing next to yours. The love that seems to lift you up and hold you above the ground. It takes a love so pure to take you through the darkest, ugliest situations in life. The strength of a relationship comes
from the places most people are afraid to enter. Every obstacle embarked
and conquered is one step closer to another person.
    Most people in the world are searching for their "other half". They seem to be searching endlessly until they can't help but give up. Their search is discontinued due to the inability to see within themselves, they are not whole. The search for another being is their subconsicous hole the are trying to fill without being hole themselves. The need to fill ourselves with an external force whether it be relationships, drugs,
money, anything really, seems to be the easy and faster way to our satisfaction. Although we find it easier to grasp, it never seems to last or fulfill our soul entirely. We cheat ourselves from finding that real source of
    The most important person in this world is you. It took me 20 years
to understand what this truly means. I am not saying to be selfish and not care about others. Simply, it is acknowledging that in order to have a fulfilling relationships with anyone in our lives, the relationship with ourselves must be engaged first. Having a friendship with you is the first step to all relationships. We learn to love who we are. First we start with our thoughts. I know for me this was the most vital place to start. The Law of Thinking. Our thoughts control our actions. Our thoughts are sacred energy that shape our reality. I had issues not only thinking of positively of myself, but others as well. Judging others almost always is an insecurity or a part of ourselves we are not facing. When we work on ourselves we change our perceptions of others too. Second, saying positive affirmations of who we are and increasing our outlook on the world. By putting positivity into the world, we are also attracting more positivity to us.
    My spiritual mentor has helped me so much these past 2 years. I have gone through tremdendous changes, as well as cycles of the same situations. I had to love myself enough to be honest with me. I had throw away all of the old ideas that were no longer serving me. The people who were not bad, but unhealthy in my life. The food I ate. Everything had to change and it did. I am more clear on who I am and I set boundaries for myself. Limitless boundaries play a signifcant role with ourselves and others. 
    Boundaries are made to be broken -- at some point or another. The question is when and how far will we let others go? We think to ourselves that other people take advantage of us. "He walked all over me", "She just didn't know
when to stop".. This seems to be the case when we are falling into victim mode. A role I played very well, most of the time
without even knowing I was doing so. I had to take a look at what part I played, which was either not setting boundaries or allowing people to  break the boundaries. All this time I had been blaming others for something I did. When this was realized, so many of my relationships grew stronger. I am able to communicate with people better and speak up for myself without reacting negatively.  
    Sometimes looking for other people to fulfill us seems to be the answer. If we know who we truly are, it doesn't seem to make that big of a difference anymore. A relationship with someone will no longer be a game. It will be a time where we truly share who we are and what we love with another person, instead of looking what we can gain out of it. We will truly know how to love and how to be loved.

 Human in the sense of our humanly instincts. Distinction through gmo foods,
prescription drugs, drugs in general, and our thought system. Time is coming to
a certain point. A small, very tight point. There is a unity through the separation of peoples. at that point there is a collision of all there is and all there is not. A point where there is everything and nothing all at once. A visionary destruction of mankind. There is a mental slavery happening right before our eyes. We are in a definite movement, yet we believe we are only doing our part, which we are, the part they designed for us to do. The universe is showing us ways to move out of this way of thinking. A new way to over come this distinction, but what will it take? will everyone make it? This is something I wonder because ther are billions of humans on this earth. How many really know the truth? Do I know the truth? Well what if we look around and see what is happening not only in our neighborhoods , cities, but our country and other countries. There are wars that are unknown to many people because of the media blocking it from us. Do we even care? What has happened to our empathy and sympathy? The days are becoming every man for himself. So I wonder this what will become of this human "race".. It truly is a race. Who will win?

Life can be given and taken at any second. We are destined to change and evolve. Some people choose to and others have to.  Life has its own way of showing up whether we want it or not. I'm honored to know people in life that didn't have to change much because they were good hearted, sincere people. I recently lost one of the people in my life who was truly one of a kind. When I look at my life I see everything I took for granted. I don't see it as regretful pieces of my life, but rather in a light of what I should pay more attention to, especially people. I can seem to get caught up in time where I push people away or let myself isolate. We are all energetically connected to each other, though other cords are strongly developed through friendships, family, and relationships in general. When people pass away you feel it when the cord is strongly developed. I lost a friend who I haven't seen in years, but we kept in contact over the years. He got me out of my shell socially and spiritually. I have lost a friend who I might not ever get a chance to meet again, as far as the kind of heart he had and the experiences we shared. I didn't realize what I had until I lost it all.

I can post this entire page about all the experiences we have shared and how great of a person he was, but words will not describe the feelings that are in my heart. 

Death shows us Life in the worse way. 

Little things in life is what distract us from the bigger picture, but when you are busy focusing on the big picture, you never see the little things that life has given you, so when you take the time to thoroughly see the detail and the work the artist put into making the picture, you not only see, but you understand.

"We look for something that's inside but we search for it on the outside and all we see in the world is what we long to be."

“Loneliness does not come from having no people around, but from being unable to communicate the things that seem important to oneself, or from holding certain views which others find inadmissible.”—Carl Jung

This has been something so complex to understand. My whole life I thought I loved myself and others. What I wanted wasn't always what was best for me, but it can seem that way when your problems are bigger than the world. For myself, I did so much to block myself from who I was. I wanted to stay around the people the did drugs, partied, stayed out excessively. Of course, that is what the normal teenager is labeled as. Everyone has their "phase". I found more than just the drugs and the people, I found another side of me that I became. The beast that just wanted love. I fed my ego with drugs, alcohol, and people. I used them to enhance what I already had inside and to push down my emotions from childhood. I was at constant battle with myself. I wanted to be who I was, but I was afraid. I didn't find people like me and the people that were, were like me. In the sense that no one understood them so it seemed, so they were hiding themselves as well. I learned that the Law of Attraction came in once I realized I didn't want to be homeless, drug addict, or alone. It got to that point for me. I was able to meet people in my life that would never have happened if I didn't allow myself to go through change. Nor would I change my past because it was all for my experience. If I didn't allow myself to love who I really am, my soul, I would've thrown it all away for the party. That one drug. That one drink. That one guy. I'm not saying its bad to do any of that, but if you're like me.. It only led to loneliness and feeling like nothing. I loved myself enough to take care of my physical, emotional, and spiritual self. Without doing any of that, I wouldn't be free from my ego. As easy as it sounds it does take practice. I have to unteach myself lessons of this world. I live today without over doing things so I can enjoy them. I don't drink because I believe it is poison, but that doesn't mean I will judge anyone for it. The way I think today is what my actions become. I guide where my thoughts go, so I can manifest my visions. Meditation has helped me so much through all of this. I love every second of the energy that flows through my body and lifts me up. The colors of the radiant light that comes down from the Universe and into my soul fills me with life, love, and peace. The serenity I receive allows me to see where I mostly need love through the dark energy blocks. I believe if I Love myself, environment, world, people, animals, and nature continuously no matter where I'm at, I will continuously be happy. Of course, there could be little obstacles in the way, but instead of running from them today I have the courage to go through it and learn what I must do. I have very loving and powerful guides. I feel so protected and loved more than ever, even though this seems the toughest time of my life. I know and feel that the next phase of life is approaching. No matter where I am at. I am going to be happy.

- Love all. Namaste
"Out of body" experiences (OBEs) are personal experiences during which people feel as if they are perceiving the physical world from a location outside of their physical bodies. At least 5 and perhaps as many as 35 of every 100 people have had an OBE at least once in their lives (Blackmore, 1982). OBEs are highly arousing; they can be either deeply disturbing or profoundly moving. Understanding the nature of this widespread and potent experience would no doubt help us better understand the experience of being alive and human. The simplest explanation is that OBEs are exactly what they seem: the human consciousness separating from the human body and traveling in a discorporate form in the physical world. Another idea is that they are hallucinations, but this requires an explanation of why so many people have the same delusion. Some of our experiments have led us to consider the OBE as a natural phenomenon arising out of normal brain processes. Thus, we believe that the OBE is a mental event that happens to healthy people. In support of this, psychologists Gabbard and Twemlow (1984) have concluded from surveys and psychological tests that the typical OBE experient is "a close approximation of the 'average healthy American.'" (p. 40)

On July 2nd and July 3rd of 2012 I had a OBE and lucid dream. I have had them multiple times throughout my life. Usually, they happen when I am about to discover something within, or when something external is about to happen. I have been noticing a lot of lower vibrations affecting me. This means looking into myself and meditating. Back on the subject of OBE and lucid dreams...So the experience which happened today was extraordinarily unplanned. I was taking a nap after being kicked down by lower vibrations. I started talking to myself to calm my head. I had my Blue Agate, Rose Quartz, Turquoise, and Citrine crystals underneath my pillow. As I was talking to myself I reached the Stage 5 of sleep in 12 minutes. In the dream I was supposed to be going somewhere with my grandmother. I heard her in my dream say, 'I'm going now.' In my dream I was aware I was asleep. Then it hit me. I'M ASLEEP and AWAKE IN MY DREAM. So when I heard my grandmother say that she was leaving in my dream I got up and walked towards her passing one of our dogs. I realized I was still dreaming. I was trying to wake myself up, but my sleep state wasn't allowing me too. I couldn't wake up. Finally, after talking to myself again and telling myself to wake up I did. My entire left side of my body was numb. When I opened my door, there was the dog. I go to the kitchen and my grandmother told me she was leaving. I made it just in time. OBE is my next venture. I had one two nights ago when I listened to a binaural beat for deep sleep. I got scared after 5 seconds of leaving my body. I am excited to venture on this new experience. I have done some research, but I can not wait to learn more in order for me to try these new experiences.

OBE ( source:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Out-of-body_experience
Definition:An out-of-body experience (OBE or sometimes OOBE) is an experience that typically involves a sensation of floating outside of one's body and, in some cases, perceiving one's physical body from a place outside one's body (autoscopy). About one in ten people think they have had an out-of-body experience at some time in their lives.[28] Scientists are learning about the phenomenon.[29] Some work by neurologists suggests that such experiences are generated by the same brain mechanisms that cause lucid dreams[30].Despite some similarities in their phenomenology and induction methods, EEG studies do not suggest an equivalence between OBEs and lucid dreams. Lucidity is strongly associated with stage 1 REM sleep but OBEs are far less consistent, producing EEG traces that can variously resemble stage 3 sleep, a waking, eyes-closed state or other uncategorized states. 

LUCID DREAM (source:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lucid_dream
Definition:A lucid dream is any dream in which one is aware that one is dreaming. The term was coined by the Dutch psychiatrist and writer Frederik (Willem) van Eeden (1860–1932).[1] In a lucid dream, the dreamer may be able to exert some degree of control over their participation within the dream or be able to manipulate their imaginary experiences in the dream environment.[2] Lucid dreams can be realistic and vivid.[3] It is shown that there are higher amounts of beta-1 frequency band (13–19 Hz) experienced by lucid dreamers, hence there is an increased amount of activity in the parietal lobes making lucid dreaming a conscious process.[4]Lucid dreaming has been researched scientifically, and its existence is well established.

 So, we are saying that OBEs may be a kind of dream. But, even so, they are extraordinary experiences. The great majority of people who have had OBEs say they are more real than dreams. Common aspects of the experience include being in an "out-of- body" body much like the physical one, feeling a sense of energy, feeling vibrations, and hearing strange loud noises (Gabbard & Twemlow, 1984). Sometimes a sensation of bodily paralysis precedes the OBE (Salley, 1982; Irwin, 1988; Muldoon & Carrington, 1974; Fox, 1962). 

To the sleep researcher, these strange phenomena are remarkably reminiscent of another curious experience, called sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis occurs sometimes when a person is waking from or falling into REM sleep, the state in which most vivid dreams occur. During REM sleep, the muscles of the body, excluding the eye muscles and those responsible for circulation and respiration, are immobilized by orders from a nerve center in the lower brain. This prevents us from acting out our dreams. Occasionally, this paralysis turns on or remains active while the person's mind is fully awake and aware of the world. Some of the experiences people have reported during sleep paralysis are: "I feel completely removed from myself," "feeling of being separated from my body," "eerie, rushing experiences," and hearing "hissing in the ears," and "roaring in the head." These events appear to be much like the OBE sensations of vibrations, strange noises, and drifting away from the physical body (Everett, 1983). Fear has also been described as a common component of sleep paralysis (see the "Question and Answer" in NightLight, Vol. 2, No. 1 for a discussion of overcoming fear in sleep paralysis.)

 So, it seems possible that at least some OBEs arise from the same conditions as sleep paralysis, and that these two terms may actually be naming two aspects of the same phenomenon. As a first test of this idea, we should ask how many OBEs actually occur at times when people are likely to experience sleep paralysis -- that is, do OBEs happen when people are lying down, asleep, resting, or while awake and active? Researchers have approached the question of the timing of OBEs by asking people who claim to have had OBEs to describe when they happened. In one of these, over 85 percent of those surveyed said they had had OBEs while they were resting, sleeping or dreaming. (Blackmore, 1984) Other surveys also show that the majority of OBEs occur when people are in bed, ill, or resting, with a smaller percentage coming while the person is drugged or medicated. (Green, 1968; Poynton, 1975; Blackmore, 1983 )

Survey evidence favors the theory that OBEs could arise out of the same conditions as sleep paralysis. There is also considerable evidence that people who tend to have OBEs also tend to have lucid dreams, flying and falling dreams, and the ability to control their dreams (Blackmore, 1983, 1984; Glicksohn, 1989; Irwin, 1988).

I have had dreams where I was flying. I was able to control where I wanted to go. Most of my control dreams have to do with cleaning up my past. Making things right. I believe that in dreams you can't change what happened, but you can make peace with whatever situation you have been struggling with inside. I believe once you are on a spiritual path, or start practicing exercises to release the old within, your subconscious will start to heal itself in many ways. 

Because of the strong connection between OBEs and lucid dreaming, some researchers in the area have suggested that OBEs are a type of lucid dream (Faraday, 1976; Honegger, 1979; Salley, 1982). One problem with this argument is that although people who have OBEs are also likely to have lucid dreams, OBEs are far less frequent, and can happen to people who have never had lucid dreams. Furthermore, OBEs are quite plainly different from lucid dreams in that during a typical OBE the experient is convinced that the OBE is a real event happening in the physical world and  not a dream, unlike a lucid dream, in which by definition the dreamer is certain that the event is a dream. There is an exception that connects the two experiences -- when we feel ourselves leaving the body, but also know that we are dreaming.

In our studies of the physiology of the initiation of lucidity in the dream state, we observed that quite of few of the lucid dreams we collected contained experiences like OBEs. The dreamers described lying in bed, feeling strange bodily sensations, often vibrations, hearing loud humming noises, and then rising out of body and floating above the bed.

That happened to me four nights ago and I could tell when I was leaving my body. My body reacted in fear and I was pulled back into myself. Last year in April of 2011, I had that happen to me, but I allowed myself to leave. I journeyed to a place I believe was the sun. It was beautiful golden and red sight. I felt the heat, but it didn't burn it felt comforting. I was soaring over and under the rays through the energy it gave to the planets gravitating around it. It was right before a major earthquake in Japan.

Those studies revealed that lucid dreams have two ways of starting. In the much more common variety, the "dream-initiated lucid dream" (DILD), the dreamer acquires awareness of being in a dream while fully involved in it. DILDs occur when dreamers are right in the middle of REM sleep, showing lots of the characteristic rapid eye movements. We know this is true because our dreamers give a deliberate prearranged eye-movement signal when they realize they are dreaming. These signals show up on our physiology record, so that we can pinpoint the times when lucidity begins and see what kind of brain state the dreamers were in at those times. DILDs account for about four out of every five lucid dreams that our dreamers have had in the laboratory. In the other 20 percent, the dreamers report awakening from a dream and then returning to the dream state with unbroken awareness -- one moment they are aware that they are awake in bed in the sleep laboratory, and the next moment, they are aware that they have entered a dream and are no longer perceiving the room around them. We call these "wake initiated lucid dreams" (WILDs). 


 The data we studied consisted of 107 lucid dreams from a total of 14 different people. The physiological information that we collected in conjunction with each lucid dream always included brain waves, eye-movements, and chin muscle activity. These measurements are necessary for determining if a person in awake, asleep, and in REM sleep or not. In all cases, the dreamer signaled the beginning of the lucid dream by making a distinct pattern of eye movements that was identifiable by someone not involved with the experiment. After verifying that all the lucid dreams had eye signals showing that they had happened in REM sleep, we classified them into DILDs and WILDs, based on how long the dreamers had been in REM sleep without awakening before becoming lucid (two minutes or more for DILDs, less that two minutes for WILDs), and on their report of either having realized they were dreaming while involved in a dream (DILD) or having entered the dream directly from waking while retaining lucidity (WILD). Alongside the physiological analysis we scored each dream report for the presence of various events that are typical of OBEs, such as feelings of body distortion (including paralysis and vibrations), floating or flying, references to being aware of being in bed, being asleep or lying down, and the sensation of leaving the body (for instance, "I was floating out-of-body"). RESULTS: MORE OBE-LIKE EVENTS IN WILDS Ten of the 107 lucid dreams qualified as OBEs, because the dreamers reported feeling like they had left their bodies in the dream. Twenty of the lucid dreams were WILDs, and 87 were DILDs. Five of the OBEs were WILDs (28%) and five were DILDs (6%). Thus, OBEs were more than four times more likely in WILDs than in DILDs. The three OBE-related events we looked for also all occurred more often in WILDs than in DILDs. Almost one third of WILDs contained body distortions, and over a half of them included floating or flying or awareness of being in bed. This is in comparison to DILDs, of which less than one fifth involved body distortions, only one third included floating or flying, and one fifth contained awareness of bed. 

I am looking forward to having more of these experiences and where I journey to next!